Daily Archive: Sunday, February 26, 2017

Crossbows Offers an Exciting Hunting Experience

Crossbow is an incredibly ancient weapon which is designed and developed using much of the similar equipment that has been utilized from decades. Earlier when there was no gun and any other weapon more compact and accessible were not available than the stand-up bow and arrow came into existence and used till now. This tool

Group Dynamic and Group Process

A group can be defines as two or more people who come together and shares a common definition and evaluation of themselves. It is therefore people who interact with one another, accepts the rights and obligations as members and share common identity (Bednar, Melnick, & Kaul, 1974). A group therefore involves two or more people

How Residential Treatment Centers Can Help Troubled Youth

Residential treatment centers are facilities that provide treatment 24 hours a day for teens with serious emotional disturbances. Forms of rehabilitation include individual, family, and group therapy. Other types include behavior therapy, special education, recreation therapy, and medical services.   Residential services may be given in a state or private facility. Treatment is conducted regularly