Daily Archive: Sunday, March 12, 2017

Complex synthetic life moves closer with designer yeast genome | Reuters

By Ben Hirschler | LONDON LONDON Scientists have taken a big step toward designing complex forms of life from scratch by constructing five new artificial chromosomes of baker’s yeast, representing a third of the micro-organism’s genome, or genetic blueprint. The international team used computers to create laboratory-made versions of the threadlike structures that carry genetic

Preparing Material for Nickel Plating

One of the most important aspects of nickel plating, and electroplating in general, to make sure the metal object that is to be plated is free of dirt, grease and any other foreign matter.  This will often times make or break an attempt at plating.  Some plating kits will come with cleaning products in order

How to area a Fake GHD curly hair Straightener

Visual appeal for the GHD Hologram: The very first circumstance to look atfor could be the GHD hologram tag linked in the direction of the cord. The hologram may properly be checked in the direction of photos ofgenuine hologram tags concerning the GHD site. Right away register your GHD curly hair straightener concerning the GHD