Daily Archive: Wednesday, March 29, 2017

2017 Ford Transit Connect Wagon LWB

At Ford, the name Transit is a trunk from which many branches grow. It’s the core calling card for its multisize, multifunction vans. Transit Connect is the designation for the smaller series, of which there also are multiple versions separated into cargo-carrying work vans and passenger-ferrying “wagons.” The formula aims to provide a wide range

New York Times interview with Rachel Dolezal draws interest, criticism

The former leader of Spokane’s NAACP is promoting her book, and took questions from The New York Times’ readers on Facebook. By Seattle Times staff reporter Rachel Dolezal, the former Spokane NAACP leader who made international headlines and sparked ferocious debates about race after she was outed as a white woman passing as black, did a live interview

Meditation Has the Power to Initiate Current of Transformation

Meditation is a natural process that brings relief from stress and strain that comes from life. It is not just relaxation of the mind, but is a phenomenon that rejuvenates the mind, soul and health of a person. It’s an evolutionary process that lifts people from their mental garbage and brings them close to their