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Ancestors travelled thousands of miles to populate globe | Science | News

Until recently, scientists and historians alike based the origins of whole populations on where its citizens were buried  But shocking new research has revealed this may not be the case – and our ancestors could have travelled thousands of miles to reach their final resting place. Using a recently-developed technology, the ancient Geographic Population Structure

The ‘Bronx Tale’ Strategy: Win Suburban Love, Not Broadway Prestige

“A Bronx Tale” has been grossing, on average, more than $800,000 a week. Michael David, the show’s executive producer, said it has not had a losing week, although he declined to disclose the weekly running costs. For comparison, for the week of May 15, the most recent week with available data, “Dear Evan Hansen,” which

Robert Pattinson went un-papped during NY shoot for Cannes movie

Robert Pattinson, a man used to being pursued by fans and paparazzi, managed to shoot an entire film on the streets of New York without being recognised. Pattinson was speaking to Reuters ahead of the movie “Good Time”s world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. (SOUNDBITE) (English) ACTOR, ROBERT PATTINSON, SAYING: “I was really practicing