Budget reporting, golf changes, child’s viewpoint

Budget reporting

The very useful article on the latest White House budget proposal, the June 5 OneWeek piece “Trump budget reflects GOP values,” is a smart model of the broad perspective and balance so greatly needed in news reporting today. While I cannot agree with many of the choices taken by the administration in the document, I commend the Monitor for publishing such a grown-up view of the landscape, seen through such a clear lens.

David K. McClurkin

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Beachwood, Ohio

Golf changes

Regarding the April 28 article “Why pro golf’s rule changes aren’t so leisurely this time” (CSMonitor.com): It’s great to see genuine common sense (and decency) triumph, and to do so quickly. Surely those wanting technology to prevail in scrutinizing play must also ensure that the very same technology is made available to the players themselves…

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