Chiropractor on holiday discovers B.C.’s first dinosaur skull – British Columbia

A Vancouver Island chiropractor on a camping trip in Tumbler Ridge, B.C., discovered a stunning addition to B.C.’s dinosaur fossil collection: the province’s first dinosaur skull.

Rick Lambert, along with his wife Sonia, had been spending time exploring the hiking trails in the area in B.C.’s northeast.

The Tumbler Ridge area has yielded many hundreds of dinosaur bones and footprints since the first discovery in the region in 2001.

“The area is littered with fossils,” he explained.

“I am always looking for things like that. I find it quite fun to walk around the landscape and keep an eye out. I was wandering along the creek and I just saw it.”

Rick Lambert poses beside his discovery. (Charles Helm)

“It was obvious to me that there was something unusual in the rock. So, I got a bit closer and had a look,” Lambert said.

“As soon as I looked, I could see that it had…

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