Down on her luck, Laguna Hills woman turns to Facebook for help – Orange County Register

After moving, losing her job and facing a fraudulent charge on her bank account, Andrea Meckna turned to social media for help.

It was on May 24 when Meckna, a former Aliso Viejo resident, turned to a Facebook group with a plea to help her pets.

“If anyone can spare some much needed cat litter, I would so appreciate it,” Meckna wrote at 8:22 p.m. that night.
“We are almost out of dog & cat food too…maybe have two more days at the most.”

Meckna, who now lives in Laguna Hills, outlined the hardships her family was facing in addition to asking for help to make ends meet in her 300-word post.

Ninety-six Facebook comments later, Meckna, 58, has received pet food, gift cards and money to help cover the rent.

“The response that I got was unbelievable,” Meckna recalled. “Not one response was negative. It kind of blew me away.”

In the weeks since her post, Meckna has gone on…

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