Virtual reality a ‘teacher’s dream’ but high cost keeps it largely out of schools – Entertainment

Inside St. Michael Catholic School in downtown Toronto, a group of fourth grade students take their first step into virtual reality (VR).

Collectively, they giggle and gasp as they lift the goggles to their faces, leaving behind the white brick classroom and slipping into a chilly mountain scene at the base of Everest.

“It felt like I was in a helicopter, looking at it from above,” said student Daniel Tesfu, describing the experience. Sitting next to him, Bezza Meeraf is looking at a coral reef.

“It’s like you’re underwater, you’re a scuba diver, and it’s also like you’re in a submarine,” she explained.

Their teacher Rebekah Henick loves it.

Teacher Rebekah Henick takes her class on a virtual field trip to Mount Everest, the coral reef, and the moon, all in a morning. (CBC News)

“The fact that I can virtually take them some place we’d never be able to visit is…

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